National Great Teachers Seminar in the Canadian Rockies


I thought the Great Teachers Seminar was great. I am one who (jokingly) tells others that my basis for selecting conferences, seminars, and workshops is location, location, location. It is really wonderful when one finds not only a great location, but also a great seminar. There is nothing like spending a week with truly great teachers talking about what it means to be a TEACHER, I came away with many new strategies to try in my class, but just as important, I received affirmation that I am a good teacher. Working alone in the trenches, it is easy to lose sight of who we are and the success we do have. Great Teachers was an opportunity to meet teachers from all disciplines, a rarity in our increasingly specialized world, and to see that teachers are not defined by what or where they teach, but rather by what they do when they enter the classroom.

Bob Ford

Frederick Community College, Frederick, Maryland

Great Teachers has been, for me, a wonderful personal and professional development experience. It helped me focus on crucial teaching issues in a supportive and uplifting atmosphere. Its infectious energy will give you an emotional recharge that is sure to enhance your effectiveness as an educator.

Denis Laplante

Lambton College, Sarnia, Ontario

The National Great Teachers Seminar in the Canadian Rockies was the most dynamic, inspiring, and valuable professional development activity that I have ever had the privilege of attending. I wish all teachers had the opportunity to attend.

Kim Richter

Kwantlen University College, Surrey, B.C.

This was a first-class seminar. I believe it should be a must for teachers old and new. I left with many new teaching skills, strategies, and friends.

Jari Sundholm

Lethbridge Community College, Lethbridge, Alberta